Some Progress!

Well, I’ve made some progress of sorts. In my last post I mentioned wanting to get a point cloud from NukeX (generated from a camera track) into Max’s new(ish) point cloud system. Well, the good news is that I’ve not got the point cloud – including colour data – from Nuke and into Max. The […]

Nacue Create Event

I should have probably posted this before┬áthe event occured, but today has inspired me to be a lot more active with my blog! I spent the entire day at my old haunt, the University of Hertfordshire, attending an event run by the fantastic gang over at Nacue/Create. They work with students to help them get […]

New Site

Hi! I had unimaginable levels of trouble with the last site, so I’m just trashing the whole lot and starting from scratch! I’ll be grabbing most of the content from the old one, so it’ll all be back up soon. I also plan to make the scripting section of the site significantly beefier, so stay […]