3D World Article

Hi All, Just a quick note to mention that I have an article in this month’s 3D World (March 2013). It’s a Q&A about scene scale and how to deal with it in 3ds Max. I hope those that read it will find it useful! AND it has the word “sexiest” in it! Dan

A note about Maxscript and Backburner

Another thing that I have discovered during my trials and tribulations with getting Maxscript and Backburner to play nicely is that Groups on Backburner don’t behave as they should under 3ds Max 2013. Before product update 6, you could not really get any information about groups at all – all requests to GetGroupName returned an […]

MaxScript, Backburner and Dependencies!

Hi All, I have today finally made progress with a problem I’ve been contending with, on and off, for a few weeks now! The problem is of using MaxScript and Backburner with dependencies. Just submitting Max renders to Backburner using Maxscript isn’t a problem, though for some unutterable reason dependencies are not supported. There are […]

Nacue Create Event

I should have probably posted this before┬áthe event occured, but today has inspired me to be a lot more active with my blog! I spent the entire day at my old haunt, the University of Hertfordshire, attending an event run by the fantastic gang over at Nacue/Create. They work with students to help them get […]

New Site

Hi! I had unimaginable levels of trouble with the last site, so I’m just trashing the whole lot and starting from scratch! I’ll be grabbing most of the content from the old one, so it’ll all be back up soon. I also plan to make the scripting section of the site significantly beefier, so stay […]