Nuke and Max with Point Clouds

Does anyone know how to get Nuke’s point clouds into Max 2015 onwards?

Max 2015 onwards supports point cache’s in both the viewport and when rendering (with MR at least) but only specific file formats – Reality Capture Scan Files, .rcs and .rcp files – where as Nuke simply pokes out an .FBX file. You *can* pull this into Max but it just slaps in a load of “Point” objects – ie dummys, for all intents and purposes. Whilst better than nothing, it’s pretty close to useless really.

I’m making it my mission to find out how to do this, and I can’t believe there’s no way already. But, in the likely event that it remains hidden from me, I’m taking a crack at it. It might require either some Python on the Nuke side or some MaxScript on the Max side, but I’ll get there!