Python Adventure

My Raspberry Pi arrives tomorrow, and I have my book all about coding in Python which I’ve started to read through. I also started looking at the Max SDK documentation for the Python stuff – It’s going to be a long road, but I’m excited about it!

I have a MxS currently that remaps assets from wherever they are currently to another, single folder by copying all the assets there and then remapping, including XRefs (and nested XRefs). This is a key part of our cloud based rendering system, but the problem is that some of the XRef Max files are very large, and whilst they zip up nice and tiny, it’s not possible to remotely request a local unzip on the server they get uploaded to. So what I’m hoping to do with Python (the server also runs a WAMP stack) is to have a standalone Python script up there that listens on a port and unzips files on request. Or perhaps I can do it by making a small text file in a given folder that the Py script will check, unzip the file in that text file, then delete the text file? I’ll need to experiment…