Backburner fun!

Hi All,

So, now I’ve got a hold on fiddling with Backburner via MaxScript (whilst trying to avoid its…. subtleties, as described here¬†and here) I’ve been having some fun, using Backburner for some interesting tasks.

One of the most useful but obvious – insomuch as it’s right there in the cmdjob help entry, is submitting After Effects renders to the farm. It’s very easy to write a little bit of code wrapped up in an UI to make the tasklist file described (a comma separated file detailing the name and range of a job). Submit this along with the location of the After Effects .aep file and the comp name and you’re good to go.

But it got me thinking… all you’re really doing when you do this is submit a command via cmd.exe to the machines in question. So… why not go further? The first thing I thought of was a response to a problem we had at work where we received a file from a colleague off-site that contained a plugin none of us had installed, and nor did the farm. We had the choice of either stripping out the offending objects (if we could find the damn things) and then replicating its functionality without using the (free) plugin, or we could go on the usually arduous process of installing the plugin on all the workstations and all the render nodes. It’s just copying some .dlo files into Max’s /plugins/ directory, but still, if only there were some way of giving a universal copy command across the network…

The basic code was very simple – it offered the user the ability to select a file, a destination and select one of the groups (mentioned in the first link up there) on the farm. It then creates a small .bat file which is, effectively, just a command copy the file to the destination (ie COPY “X:\network\file.dlo” “C:\plugins\”, exit 0) and sends a separate job to Backburner for each node in the group, with only that node offered as a server for each job. Once the underlying code was done, I added a few tweaks, such as the ability to add entire folders to the mix, but it’s really just an expansion on this pretty basic concept.

Putting these two examples together – After Effects jobs and Copying files – gives me some fancy ideas for a bit of fun, but the most obvious one to me was… fonts! Unfortunately when you install a Font, it isn’t just a matter of copying it to the Windows /fonts/ folder – there’s also a registry entry that gets added. Otherwise the above script would be enough to install fonts, network wide – very handy if your AE job has a non-standard font. However, it shouldn’t be hard to add a checkbox to the above script, which will effectively add a line to the .bat file that gets generated which performs the appropriate registry tweaks using regedit – I just haven’t done it yet!

But if anyone has any other cool ideas on how Backburner could be leveraged for useful or fun tasks, please let me know! If anyone wants any more information on how to do the above in detail, feel free to email me at