Mail Order Brides – The Beauty of Reddit

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What Is A Mail Order Bride?

The internet is a superb spot to start, For those who have ever wondered what the planet of the mail order brides looks like. There are a lot of websites that sell other services and products and wedding gowns. A fast surf of listings will give you a sense of what to anticipate the internet so far as details go.

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Point Cloud Export Script Updated

2020 Edit: The latest version of this can be found in the GitHub repo – the actual .py linked to here is older and quite a bit slower, though it’ll still work. 

I haven’t posted in a while!

I’ve updated the Point Cloud Export script, which kicks point clouds generated in Nuke into a .csv format that Thinkbox’s PRT Loader in 3ds Max can load up. This change makes it approximately 10x faster, with the speed improvements being seen most significantly on larger exports. Technically it’s changed its iterator into a generator so that the data is only provided on the fly as it’s written and it’s not deleting items from lists. Wahoo.

You can download the new version here and I’ve also put it onto a GitHub repo which you can find here should you be so inclined – it’s for my benefit more than anyone else’s; it’s a good practice to get into for anyone!

I just started working as a Technical Director at Taylor James in London. So far, so good!


Converting Assets from Max VRay to Maya VRay

We’re producing a film at work in Maya, rather than our normal 3ds Max. We’re trying to get a *ton* of assets from Max Vray over to Maya Vray and it’s proving to be difficult! More so than you’d think.

We’re using .vrscene’s to get the shaders over, but the mesh doesn’t come in as “normal” mesh (I asked one of our Maya chaps about this – I have very little experience with it myself!) and has some limitations. So we’re shunting the mesh over via FBX and the shaders over via .vrscene.

HOWEVER something funky was happening to the shader names which meant we couldn’t script it to automatically apply the appropriate shaders from the .vrscene to the mesh from the FBX. As such, we now have a custom exporter for Max which renames all the materials with a specific prefix in the material name (after smashing apart mesh with multi-subs and applying individual materials to each object), exports the vrscene, then applies Standard materials with the same name to the mesh’s and exports the FBX. With this, we can use the shader from the .vrscene (With the specific prefix’s) and link them up with the Blinn’s on the FBX (with the same prefix’s).

But the fun doesn’t end there! We had to write a few special exceptions in the prefix naming function to allow for VRayBlend materials, 2-Sided materials etc because they don’t convert over properly in the .vrscene converter, so then the Maya script that matches it all up sorts that out too.

Then you have some maps that don’t work with the .vrscene converter, even though they *do* work with VRay, such as the Composite map. It’s functionality cannot be duplicated with daisy-chained VrayCompTex maps due to the lack of opacity for each layer, so now the custom exporter has to manually move those maps over (because the vrscene converter doesn’t) and writes out a text file to the directory that allows a human to at least see how it was all put together. We could probably automate this into a MayaLayeredTexture but we haven’t got there yet.

I could go on! The upshot is that this is way harder than I thought (because I thought “export as .vrscene” was the extent of it!)

Are we missing an obvious trick here? Or is it actually just a slog?