This is a collection of some of my Maxscripts. I hope to add more and more here as and when I can. The scripts here are mostly small little time savers, but hopefully you might find something useful! They are a mixture of MaxScript and Python.

Nuke Pointcloud to 3ds Max – Python – It should be pretty self explanatory – select a relevant BakedPointCloud node, run the script, tell it where to save the .csv file and you’re good to go. You’ll then have a .csv file that can be loaded into Max using Thinkbox/Krakatoa’s PRT Loader, and it’ll store all the colour information as well as location. The only thing you’ll need to do is rotate the PRT Loader 90 degrees, since Max is Z-Up. When you do that, any cameras or geometry you move between Nuke and Max will align perfectly (since the FBX exporter – as well as the great Max Script Nuke’em – automatically re-orient). Click here to see a video of it in action.

VRay Export Script – This tool (on hitting ‘Publish’) will generate a VRay Proxy and a low-poly version of all of the geometry and renderable splines in the scene, attached. This file will not be automatically saved, so you need to ensure you do so! The most effective use of this file is to use Max’s Object XRef dialogue to reference the VRay Proxy object. You can then set the low poly version as the viewport proxy. This way you get a high detail rendered version, but a low-detailed viewport version, which saves RAM and improves viewport performance. The other tools (Converting all objects to Edit Poly, Deleting all hidden objects and Ungroup objects safely) are there to help with larger scenes, which may benefit from deleting the hidden objects, removing groups etc. You may need to experiment with these options on larger scenes. Note: THIS SCRIPT REQUIRES VRAY!

Fake Wind – This is a little script that essentially adds a bend modifier to your entire selection, though each one has a different seed, so they are not all in time. As such, it works best on objects with their own pivot point at the base (ie selection of individual grass blades, not a patch of fifty blades). The default values work quite well, and the ‘Violence’ parameter is one or off – 0 or 1! The “Clear Wind” button deletes all additions that the script made.

Animation Offset – This script simply moves the keyframes of the selected objects up by one per object. One classic use for this is if you’re “building” an environment, and wish for certain elements (for example, a staircase) to fall into the scene one after the other. The frame period is chosen in the GUI.

Batch Renders from Camera – This script populates the batch render dialogue in 3ds Max with an entry for each camera in your scene. It’ll take the current render output directory and file format as the path and format for the batch renders, though appending the name of the camera to the file output so as not to over-write one another!

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