Quick Bit of Python Stuff

My Python journey is just beginning, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’m beginning to get up to speed with the basic syntax which makes doing a lot of thinking about a lot easier! If’s, Loops, all that jazz.

But the biggest two changes compared to maxscript that I’ve found so far are as follows:

1 – You have to “import” modules to get additional functions. This is good and bad – on the one hand, there are a bunch built in and you can download or make more, which means that the possible functions around to use are not only larger, but also expandable (Again, compared to MaxScript). For company-wide distributed scripts, this means that I need to make sure everyone has the correct plugins installed but that’s easy enough.

2 – You can do Ifs, Elif’s and Else’s – this might not be anything unusual to other coders, but MaxScript only had the first and last of those – there’s no else-if. Basically it allows you to completely control the flow of a set of if conditionals in a way that you can’t with MaxScript. It doesn’t strictly allow you to do anything new, because you can repeatedly do sequential if-statements with flagged variables and stuff, but sod all that – this makes it so much easier. I likey!